Safe Internet payments

Safe Internet payments

PRAB’s SafeXPay solutions provides high speed and security while protecting customer data.

Data protection and compliance

Lack or poor data protection makes your company resposible for theft and hackers. All sensible data is encrypted when captured with a non-standard propietary algorithm and never decrypted. PRAB’s SafeXPay not only keeps customer data safe; it also protects your company for lawsuit or even worse “unsafe reputation” and adhere to the most strict compliance rules

Fully compatible with most electronic payment and wallets methods

Customers expect to buy anytime, anywhere and from any device. Secure Acceptance keeps you one step ahead of payment trends, without compromising security:

  • Easy integration with Apple, Google and Samsung Pay

  • Compatible with most Credit Card and Banks services.

  • Allows fast purchases with registered Credit and Debit cards (used as credit)

  • Can be used with Flexible Token technology

Deployment based on your needs and Budget

  • PRAB’s SafeXPay can be installed localy or as a cloud service (recommend for multiple sites)

  • PRAB’s SafeXPay can use local redundancy in case of Internet interruptions

  • PRAB’s SafeXPay integrates with FraudXGuard to protect from stolen devices and chargebacks.