Hosted SIP-PBX Platform


Hosted SIP-PBX Platform

Hosted PBX platform has the full functionality of a Class V PBX plus the unlimited advantages of the SIP protocol and the VOIP environment.

The platform was developed based on public domain, highly supported, architecture; in order to guarantee up to date compatibility with new and/or updated technologies; but enhanced by top skilled developers (in USA and Europe) for high scalability, availability and improved fraud control.

The system was originally conceived as Hosted and Multi Tennant (multi-customers); but can be easily deployed on customer premises (or locally) for a single partition; providing additional privacy required by some companies.

Currently the platform integrates different optional modules that must be considered based on the customer needs.

Modules / Features


Included among its many features and functionalities are:

  • Compatible with most SIP phones; like YEALINK, GRANDSTREAN and CISCO (including 794X and 796X corporate desktop phones); further compatibility can be implemented.

  • Supports SSL encryption and certificates

  • Auto provisioning (via HTTP, TFTP, FTP)

  • Cloud Phone / Soft phone integrated

  • Call Forwarding to extensions, voice mail and numbers

  • Do not disturb and call privacy functions

  • Voice mail with multiple greetings

  • Voice e-mail

  • Multi -level auto-attendant functionality

  • Limit number of calls per extension

  • Remote call pickup

  • Ring groups include simultaneous ringing

  • Call routing

  • Call monitoring / barging

  • Conference

  • Basic call center functionality with:

    1. Call center group

    2. Call center administrative portal

    3. Call eavesdropping and forwarding

    4. Multiple call queues

    5. Basic reporting

    6. Basic call recording

  • User portal (limited functionality)

  • Administrator portal (customizable) a full functionality Dashboard / User portal follows; showing the special applications included with the platform.

SBC / Outgoing traffic control (optional)

The external SBC provides functionalities not always required but highly useful and recommended like:

  • Least cost routing / Multiple carriers

  • Prepaid and postpaid control

  • Additional fraud control

  • Advanced billing

Local Provisioning Server (optional)

As most of current phones are provisioned remotely via HTTP; FTP or TFTP (Cisco 79XX) this creates a security vulnerability since information like user and password are send unencrypted through public IP. On the other side; in case of power failure were many phones need to be reconfigured at once, having a Provisioning Server locally or with faster and exclusive access; expedite the auto configuration process. Without this module; the Hosted PBX acts as provisioning server.

CRM (optional)

This CRM, based on the SUGAR Public Domain development, has been integrated with different technologies like Call Management (for Call Center functionality), MEDIA Integration (like TWITTER) and different graphics and statistics modules. It provides OUT OF THE BOX functionality and easy customization with a very low cost per seat.

Tailoring and Customization

The system and most of the optional modules can be customized for special needs (ie user portals) or integrated with other software and vendors. In some cases, additional development and/or API interfaces will be charged.