About us

About us

The communications market has grown exponentially over the last 15 years, but margins and profits have been reduced in the same proportion.

Like all high-need service, competition has reached unexpectedly high levels of aggression, with cases of companies making "DUMPNIGS" or financial games to extend their stay in the market and finally collapse, dragging its strategic partners, customers and suppliers who depended on the operation.

While the end user has been (somewhat) benefited economically in the short term, the situation is not sustainable and the disappearance of small businesses and the consequent disruption of services reduced price, are pushing the public to return to the great corporation and the pseudo-monopoly from the 80s.

Our Objective

PRAB objective is provide "KNOW HOW" and services to emerging and established medium and small businesses, to enable lower operating costs without reducing quality of service. Being able to provide an appropriate level service, without becoming excessively expensive for the end user. In short to be solid and competitive.

PRAB was created in 2009 by people with 20 years of experience in implementation and integration in communications technology both DATA and VOICE. From satellite implementations, copper or fiber to Sonet networks, Frame Relay, IP or SPX.